Kestrel Heights School  


2016-2017 High School Supply List


Loose-leaf paper (white; college rule); several packages

Pens (black or blue only); red for math classes

Protractor & compass (Math II and Math III)


(2) 1” 3 ring binder with pockets

(2) Three Ring binders 2” or 3”

Dividers for binders

#2 Pencils or mechanical pencils with extra leads

Hand held pencil sharpener

Several spiral notebooks

Several pocket folders

3 sets of 3x5 Index Cards

Book Covers


Flash/Thumb Drive

Several Glue Sticks

(4) Composition notebooks - 1 quadrille-ruled and 3 regular

1 small pkg rubber bands

Small box of coloring pencils


Locks – Locks for lockers must be obtained from the school  office.  The fee is $5.00.



The TI-83/83+/84/84+ is the calculator that we will be using this year.  It is an integral part of the curriculum, and all students are required to have one. Teachers will not loan calculators.  The NC EOC (end of course) tests assume that all students are proficient with this technology.  Though the calculators are expensive, students will be able to use them during their entire high school career, as well as in college.  Be sure to indelibly inscribe your name on the calculator.  


All Literature classes:

A Gmail account with a professional address (no !!!!) 


Donations: Please bring the front office for distribution to teachers:

White and/or color copy paper

Boxes of facial tissue

Clorox Wipes

Paper Towels

Hand Sanitizer

Dry Erase Markers