Suzanne Vargas, Admissions
(919) 484-1300 ext. 123


Choosing the right school is important and we are ready to partner with you in making such a key educational decision. We invite you to explore our website to get an understanding of our diverse community and the values that guide our school.

As we welcome students who have attended public, private or have been homeschooled, the friendly and accepting nature of our student body and faculty allows students to feel comfortable regardless of their background or learning style.

In addition to a strong university preparatory program in the arts, sciences, and humanities, we offer: a values-based education that speaks to the challenges of contemporary life; a warm, welcoming and responsive community and an opportunity for students to participate in the ongoing development of their own school and education.

We believe that a small student population is key to providing a personalized, excellent education.  Our current student-to-teacher ratio is 10:1. Our policy is to enroll any student who is selected in our lottery admission process, and, who has been promoted by any other NC Public System or by any other State school system.  In the case of homeschooled students or students coming from unaccredited private schools, Kestrel Heights School will base all enrollment decisions on nationally recognized testing results the student may have completed or we will have such student take a series of tests to assess their appropriate grade placement.

Follow these steps to start the admissions process:

  1. Complete the application for your elementary, middle or high school student.
  2. Applications may be dropped off, emailed or faxed to Ms. Vargas.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent once the application is added to the lottery database.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Ms. Vargas prior to the lottery drawing to ensure receipt.

Returning Registration

The 2015-16 Letters of Intent will be released to the families of current students on February 2, 2015. Please indicate whether or not your child intends on returning to KHS for the 2015-16 school year and update your contact information. This will help us prepare the schedules for next year for those students who are returning and prepare the cumulative file for transfer for those who are not returning. The packets are due to the front office no later than Friday, February 20th

The Lottery Process

Our lottery is a “blind” lottery.  During the lottery drawing, the perspective student names are blindly drawn from the pool of applicants.  Once we have filled the available seats for each grade, we will continue drawing the names and place them on the waiting list in the order they are drawn.

Due to recent inclement weather and school closures over the last two weeks, we are postponing our 2015-2016 student lottery. 

The new dates are:

The deadline for lottery application submission is Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 3:00 pm.

The lottery drawing will be held Friday, March 6, 2025 at 3:30 pm.

Lotter Numbers for 2015-2016

Applicants are welcome to download the application from our website or obtain one from any of our front offices

Sibling Preference: We will honor sibling preference in our lottery drawing. All sibling applicants must be submitted prior to the lottery drawing in order to qualify for sibling preference.

We look forward to assisting you through the application process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Admissions Office.


The best way to get to know Kestrel Heights School is to visit us.  As you walk through our school you will interact with our diverse and talented students, meet our dedicated faculty and feel the warm and caring community that is Kestrel Heights.

Beginning Tuesday, January 6th through Thursday, February 26th, tours of all of our locations will be available. Tours are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays during this period at the following times:

10:00 am for Elementary School (4900 Prospectus)
9:00 am for Middle School (4900 Prospectus)
9:00 am/1:15 pm for High School (4700 S Alston)

Please contact the front office of the school you would like to tour to make a reservation

Student Withdrawal Process

The steps in the withdrawal process are as follows:

  1. Notify the school as soon as you know an estimated departure date
  2. The parent or legal guardian must come into the Admissions Office, located at the High School, to sign the withdrawal papers.  We will give the parent/legal guardian a copy of the school transfer/withdrawal form
  3. Return all text and library books and other property of KHS
  4. Return the High School Student Parking Pass, if applicable
  5. When the student arrives at his/her new school, the new school should fax or email a request of records to the Admissions office at KHS. The admission's fax number is: 919-572-2409
  6. Upon receipt of this request, we will transfer the cumulative file to the new school through the USPS